Ukraine will receive Paveway IV precision-guided bombs as part of the latest package of weapons being supplied by the United Kingdom to assist in the war with Russia. At this stage it’s unclear which aircraft will be armed with the dual-mode Paveway bombs, but the move ensures the United Kingdom remains very much at the forefront of delivering advanced and novel military equipment to Ukraine.

Dual-Mode Paveway IV Guided Bombs Headed To Ukraine

The British-supplied bombs will offer all-weather and moving-target capabilities, but it’s unclear which aircraft will employ them.

By Thomas Newdick

3:41 PM EDT Apr 24

Additional details about a breakthrough autonomous dogfight in September 2023 underscore significant challenges still to be addressed.

Next Big Challenge For AI Dogfighting Is Keeping Track Of Enemies Up Close

Despite a breakthrough mock dogfight, actually sensing where the enemy is at during a tight-turning battle is a huge challenge to overcome.

By Joseph Trevithick, Tyler Rogoway

2:59 PM EDT Apr 24

Attacks for Ukraine

$1B U.S. Air Package To Ukraine On Its Way, ATACMS Missiles Already Secretly Provided

The package, which includes artillery shells, HIMARS and air defense munitions, comes as Russia is increasing pressure on Ukraine.

By Howard Altman

1:35 PM EDT Apr 24