Fishing boat catches suspected spy balloon off Alaska

Alaskan Fisherman Catch Possible Spy Balloon, FBI To Examine Wreckage: Report

A year after spy balloons became a household topic, fisherman off Alaska recovered what could be one, and the FBI wants a look.

By Joseph Trevithick

8:45 PM EST Mar 1

3/12/1941- New York, NY: Hotel completes air raid shelter. A few of the Allerton House's guests showed how comfortable and practical are the conveniences incorporated in the new air-raid shelter completed in the sub-basement of the hotel. The shelter is approximately 45 feet underground, and an auxiliary lighting system has been installed in case the hotel's own light plant goes out of order. This photo shows four women happily playing cards under a sign that says "Shelter." Bettmann via Getty Images.
A-50 Mainstay

Russia Building More Dated A-50 Radar Planes Is Desperate But May Be Necessary

A plan to put the outdated A-50 Mainstay back into production reflects growing losses and major problems in the Russian aerospace industry.

By Thomas Newdick

4:41 PM EST Mar 1