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Former President Donald Trump was injured in a shooting at rally in Butler County, Pennsylvania that is now being investigated as an assassination attempt.

Sniper Killed, Trump Injured After Deadly Shooting At Rally (Updated)

One shooter is dead along with one rally attendee after an attempt to assassinate the former President.

With one million FPV drones pledged to Ukraine by an international coalition, the need for pilots is only going to increase.

Ukraine’s FPV Drone Obstacle Course Teaches How To Chase Vehicles, Fly Into Windows

Weaving through tank hatches and chasing down trucks is harder than it looks and realistic training is key.

Life in an underground shelter during World War II, Paris, March 1940

Bunker Talk: Let’s Talk About All The Things We Did And Didn’t Cover This Week

Catch up with friends old and new.

The U.S., Canada and Finland announced a plan to create an icebreaker shipbuilding program to compete with China and Russia.

Allied Pact Aims To Close Yawning Icebreaker Gap With Adversaries

The U.S., Canada and Finland have a new plan to boost production of icebreakers critical in the increasingly important Arctic region.

F-35 deliveries will resume with a limited TR-3 software load.

F-35 Deliveries Finally Cleared To Resume, New Jets Will Be Limited To Training

After a yearlong hiatus, production F-35 deliveries are resuming, but the long-awaited Block 4 upgrades will have to wait.

The Army says it hopes to begin fielding a new air and missile defense system based around an 155mm cannon firing hypervelocity projectiles by the end of the decade.

Railgun Ammo-Firing Air Defense Artillery Cannon Plans Laid Out By Army

The Army plans to field a highly mobile 155mm cannon firing hyper-velocity projectiles to provide a lower-cost air and missile defense.

A U.S. Marine Corps F-35B stealth fighter appears to have encountered some kind of problem at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni in Japan, forcing an emergency egress by the pilot.

F-35B Pilot Seen Leaping From Jet In Japan

An F-35B pilot based out of MCAS Iwakuni in Japan had to get away from their jet as fast as possible as crash crews approached.

The US Air Force has revealed that development of a new relatively low-cost stand-off precision-guided munition is for Ukraine.

Air Force’s Cheap And Fast To Produce Long-Range Missile Is Being Built For Ukraine

The Extended Range Attack Munition aims to give Ukraine a badly needed capability boost in its ability to strike over hundreds of miles.

Ukraine apparently carried out a long-range drone strike on the Russian Kapustin Yar nuclear missile test site.

Ukraine Situation Report: Russian Strategic Missile Testing Facility Attacked

The attack on the Kapustin Yar site 400 miles from the front lines appears to be another in a string of Ukrainian strikes on Russian strategic military assets.


The Senate Armed Services Committee has directed the Pentagon to look into the possibility of transferring retired A-10 Warthog ground attack jets to Jordan.

Surplus A-10 Warthogs Could End Up In The Jordanian Air Force

If Jordan is truly interested in the A-10s it would boost its ground-attack capacity and it could open the door to transfers elsewhere.

The transfer of F-16s from Denmark and The Netherlands to Ukraine is now underway, U.S., Danish and Dutch officials say.

Transfer Of F-16s To Ukraine Is Now Underway

The expectation is that the fourth-generation fighters, donated by Denmark and the Netherlands, will be operational over the skies of Ukraine this summer.

The latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage features the "Beast" presidential limousine used to transport the President of the United States.

What We Just Learned About The “Beast” Presidential Limousine From Jay Leno’s Garage

The Secret Service shared some interesting details about one of the world's most secretive cars with the former Tonight Show host.

Air Force special operations aviators are now training on AT-802U aircraft ahead of the arrival of their first OA-1K Sky warden light attack planes while questions grow about the program's future.

AT-802U Trainers Arrive To Prepare USAF Aviators For A Murky Light Attack Future

The first OA-1K light attack planes are set to be delivered this year as attention shifts away from the operations they were designed for.

Russia claims Ukraine plotted to steal one of its Tu-22M Backfire bombers.

Ukraine Situation Report: Plot To Steal A Tu-22M3 Backfire Thwarted Russia Claims

Tu-22M Backfire bombers, which have played a key role in Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, have been the target of a previous Ukrainian plot.

A C-130J Super Hercules rests on the flightline under a fireworks display, July 3, 2018, at Yokota Air Base, Japan.

Bunker Talk: 4th Of July Edition!

Enjoy the fireworks!

The Pentagon has made a new announcement about the first forward-deployments of Air Force F-35As and F-15EXs to Japan, as well as changes to the Marine Corps' F-35B force in that country.

USAF F-35As To Be Based In Japan Replacing Wild Weasel F-16s

The USAF is also moving ahead with plans to forward-deploy F-15EXs to Japan as the Marines make changes to their F-35 units in the country.

The Navy's Training Air Wing 2 (TAW-2) has hit one million flight hours with the T-45 jet trainer as plans to replace that are have been delayed.

Navy Delays Jet Trainer Replacement As T-45 Wing Hits One Million Flight Hours

A debate about whether the T-45's successor will have to land and take off from aircraft carriers is slowing down the replacement process.

The air-launched version of the hugely versatile SM-6 missile, also known as the RIM-174, has appeared on U.S. Navy F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighters at the biennial Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise, the world’s largest international maritime exercise. We now also know the missiles are designated AIM-74B, indicating an air-to-air missile, although, as we have discussed in the past, the weapon also has the potential to strike high-priority ground targets, such as air defense sites, and warships, acting as a quasi-ballistic missile.

AIM-174 Super Hornet-Launched Variant Of SM-6 Missile Breaks Cover In Hawaii (Updated)

After years in the shadows, what is likely the longest-range air-to-air missile ever fielded by the Navy comes into full view.

MQ-9 with new electronic warfare pod

New Electronic Warfare Pod Turns Marine MQ-9 Reaper Into “A Black Hole”

The new electronic warfare and intelligence collection pod enables MQ-9 Reapers to be "mostly undetectable," according to the Marine Corps Commandant.

Russia has unveiled a counter-drone interceptor, a single-use drone with an explosive warhead that’s expressly designed to bring down the kinds of Ukrainian uncrewed aerial vehicles that have taken a steady toll of Russian troops and equipment on the battlefield. The Vogan-9SP counter-drone interceptor was developed by Russia’s Red Line company, seemingly a new entrant in the field.

Russia Jumps Into Purpose-Built Drone-Hunting Drone Weapons Space

The kamikaze drone is billed as the latest Russian effort to try and counter Ukrainian uncrewed aerial vehicles on the battlefield.

The US Army has put out a new request for information for compact sensors for use on high-altitude balloons underscoring its broader vision for using those capabilities in the future.

Army’s High-Flying Balloon Surveillance Vision Grows With Call For New Radars, Other Sensors

The Army sees networked fleets of high-altitude balloons providing critical persistent surveillance coverage even in heavily contested areas.

Israeli AH-64 helicopter gunship pilots have provided an extensive account of their operations during the surprise attack on the country by Hamas militants last October 7. Their accounts — provided to the Israeli media — give a rare insight into the Israeli Air Force’s immediate response to the first invasion of Israeli territory since 1948.

Israeli AH-64 Apache Commanders Describe Brutal Reality Of October 7 Missions

Taken entirely by surprise, Israeli AH-64 crews raced to respond to the attack by Hamas but with mixed results.

Russian missile strike on airfield in Ukraine.

Ukraine Situation Report: Russia Strikes Airbase In Drone-Directed Missile Attack

While both sides confirm that an attack took place at the Mirgorod Air Base in central Ukraine, the extent of the damage is in dispute.

The US Air Force is taking a second look at the crewed sixth-generation stealth combat jet it is developing under the Next Generation Air Dominance initiative to see where costs could be cut, even at the cost of losing certain capabilities.

Next Generation Air Dominance Fighter’s Future Increasingly Uncertain

The Air Force is reassessing what it wants out of a new crewed sixth-generation stealth combat jet set to cost triple the price of an F-35.

Billionaire Jared Isaacman Is going to fly a Tornado F2A.

Tornado F2 Set To Become Most Advanced Flying Fighter In A Private Individual’s Hands

Jared Isaacman’s remarkable private air force just got its most advanced tactical jet yet, with the addition of a Tornado F2A interceptor.

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Anduril and General Atomics have shared new details about progress and challenges, including on production and autonomy issues, as part of the Air Force Collaborative Combat Aircraft program.

Construction Of First Collaborative Combat Aircraft Drone Has Begun At General Atomics

Flying The F-15E Strike Eagle In Air-To-Air Combat, From Dogfighting To Drone Hunting

Recalling The Nazis’ Bizarre Piggyback Bombers 80 Years After They Went To War

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